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Nai Kong on the other hand is a graduate in Music Production / Contemporary Music Certification. He completed both his organ and piano grades after high school and kick started his musical career playing in hotels across the Klang Valley. Later he became a music lecturer in one of the local colleges and slowly played live shows as a keyboard sessionist for local and international artistes as a keyboard sessionist. He composed, arranged and produced commercial songs, film scored three local films, composed and arranged quite a number of animated series’ and jingles for various advertising agencies before joining 101. He had been nominated for several local and international music awards as an arranger and a producer working with artistes from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and China throughout his career. His recent stint includes being the main judge for several band / singer competitions across the nation till today. And for the past 4 years, he started working as a local and international Musical director.

Soon is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and Audio Engineering Technology. He had worked previously in various studios as an engineer across the Klang Valley. For 7 years he has been producing albums ranging from top local to international artistes. He is also one of Malaysia’s top live and mixing engineer cum producer and because of that, he had been nominated for several key engineer awards throughout his career. His recent stint as part of MTV Asia’s 2006 Live In Phuket Concert (3 Stages) live soundman and mixing crew not only helped boost 101 Studios’ name but also global visibility since it was aired later on MTV Cable TV.

Mark is graduate in A.I. and Networking. He is also an active IEEE, IETF and IPV6 consortium member in the IT industry. He previously worked for several multi-national companies and worked abroad in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand for several MNC companies during his 6 year stint in the IT industry before coming aboard 101 Studios. His passion for music led him to form a band in his teens which soon led him to create, edit and write music as a hobby. He also writes lyrics, scripts (for Artists and Agencies) and co-composes songs together with his 2 partners here at 101 Studios. Here, he oversees the overall operations of 101 Studios. His major breakthrough came when he composed a song for a charitable organisation which became the single largest selling CD single in Malaysia back in 2004.

We also have Wei Chien, Ryan & Shi Wei as of today to help contribute to 101 Studios' efforts.

Recording Studio Malaysia
Recording Studio Malaysia        

101 Studios is a Recording Studio based in Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, offering services such as Studio Recording, VO Recording, EBook & Audiobook Recording, Podcast Recording, Music / Album Production, VO Production, Mixing, Mastering, Film / Animation Scoring, Music Composition & Arrangement, Console Gaming Audio Production, In-Flight Audio Production, Sound Effects, Foley, Film 5.1 Mixing, Location Recording & Location ADR..